Choosing the right pair of badminton shoes isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Badminton requires you to run up and down the court, and your shoes can make or break your experience on the court. Whether you’re playing competitively or just casually with friends, you’ll want to have the best pair of badminton shoes so that you can perform at your peak and not have to worry about being uncomfortable or injuring yourself because of your shoes. These five tips will help you choose the perfect pair of badminton shoes.


One thing to be aware of when buying badminton shoes is their level of flexibility. Some people like to have very tight shoes and some like them looser. If you choose ones that are too tight then they will quickly become uncomfortable. You want them to be tight enough so they don't move around on your feet but not so tight that they cause pain or cramping. This is largely a personal preference though so it might take a bit for you to find the perfect pair for your feet and activity. 

Leather badminton shoes are going to flex much better than plastic because it is easier to make a leather bend in ways plastic won't bend, whereas plastic can feel rigid and inflexible. It's important to buy badminton shoes that have a good amount of padding under the balls of your feet, this helps absorb shock and provide comfort while playing. 

Ideally, you'll want to go with full-length cushioning rather than just partial length. Full-length means there should be at least two inches of padding from the heel to the toes. Partial length only has about an inch from heel to toe which may work for light recreational players but most serious players will need more support. There should also be arch support that extends up over your arch; this prevents any kind of discomfort and promotes healthy foot mechanics.

Grip and Traction

It’s essential that the shoes provide a tight, but not constricting, fit so you don’t lose balance. Like other types of athletic shoes, badminton shoes should have ample grip so they don’t slip and offer traction to reduce foot slippage and sliding. And because it is common for players to jump with every hit, a good pair of badminton shoes will be lightweight and provide excellent cushioning to protect your feet from landing on the hard surface repeatedly. To make sure you are getting an excellent pair of badminton shoes for your feet, consider buying them in person at a store or sporting goods company; never buy them online without being able to try them on first.


Durability is a key factor to consider before purchasing a pair of badminton shoes. Low-cost shoes may be cheap at first, but over time, will break down or wear out quickly. You'll have to replace them before you know it and end up spending more money in the long run. Choose durable sneakers that can withstand whatever you throw at them!


No one should have to choose between the features of their badminton shoes and their budget. Luckily, for any player who's on a tight budget, there are plenty of quality, affordable options. In fact, there are great shoes that can be had for $40 or less. But with so many different models available at such a wide range of prices, how can you find the perfect pair? 

The first thing to look at is fit. If your shoe feels too small or tight in any way, no matter what the price, it's not going to feel right when you're playing and it could lead to problems like blisters or ankle soreness.


In conclusion, find shoes that provide a snug but not a tight fit, without pinching your toes. Try on several pairs and make sure they are not too rigid or padded in the front because it can impede your movement. Make sure they're lightweight and will give you proper arch support to help avoid injury. Make sure to check the badminton shoe price before buying them because they can range from $50-$200 a pair depending on the brand and style. Also, make sure the width is appropriate for your feet!